Request For Bids


Effective 8/15/2022 the City of Morrow uses BidNet Direct’s Georgia Purchasing Group to advertise and manage our solicitations and bid requests along with all addenda. Please click here​​ to access all our solicitation information.

Open Bids

  • DEMOLITION BID FOR REYNODS ROAD – informal unsealed bid.  Please follow the link for demolition plans.  Provide project cost estimate, insurance coverage, prior experience, bonding, licensing, and other helpful and necessary information that will assist in the final selection of a contractor.  Bids may be submitted electronically on Bidnet, by mail: ATTN CITY CLERK, DEMO BID, 1500 Morrow Road, Morrow, GA 30260.  Questions should be directed to City Manager Jeff Baker:  OPEN:8.28.2023 CLOSE: 9.26.2023 @ 1500 hrs. BIDS OPENED: 09.26.2023 @ 1500 hrs.
  • AMPHITHEATER CONSTRUCTION PROJECT: Formal sealed bid.  All bid information, requirements, questions, and plans located on Bidnet.  All bids must be submitted online via Bidnet.  Submit all questions on Bidnet. OPEN: 09.10.2023 CLOSE: 10.09.2023 @ 1500 hrs.  BIDS OPENED: 10.09.2023 @ 1500 hrs.