One of the most impactful responsibilities of local government is planning – a word used to describe how a community shapes and guides growth and development. This update of Morrow’s Comprehensive Plan offers the opportunity to look beyond the execution of the day-to-day city services and consider where the City wants to be in the next five-years and the necessary steps to achieve that vision.

The most recent Comprehensive Plan for the City of Morrow was adopted in 2019. The Georgia Department of Community Affairs mandates every city to provide an update to the Comprehensive Plan every five years to maintain the Qualified Local Government (QLG) status of the city and continue to receive funding for projects within the city.

This document has been shaped by combined efforts of the City Council, City Staff, stakeholders and active public participation and delves into the current advancement of the city and makes efforts to yield prospective opportunities for the city.

The vision for the plan is to continue transforming Morrow from rural railroad acreage to a modern arena for lovers of art, music, history and outdoor recreation. The goals identified to achieve this vision are summarized in the document.