Code Enforcement Division

Under the direction of the Morrow Police Department, the primary goal of the Code Enforcement Unit is to eliminate the violation of and maintain compliance with the City of Morrow Code of Ordinances. The Morrow Police Department has set the standard for law enforcement agencies as they continue to place high priority on the enforcement of City’s ordinances. Their proactive approach has made Morrow a safer, healthier, more desirable place to live, work, shop and visit.

We welcome your assistance in maintaining The City of Morrow’s standards of excellence by sharing your observations or concerns with our Office of Code Enforcement. Please email Code Enforcement Office below or at or by calling 678-902-0924.

Top 10 Compliance Concerns

  • All residential property should be maintained neatly at all times. Examples include cutting lawns regularly and keeping plantings, walkways, driveways, and all buildings in good repair. Open carports are to be kept clean and uncluttered. Please store furniture, appliances, machinery and equipment indoors.
  • Parking on the street is not permitted. This includes dead end streets and cul-de-sacs. Property owners must provide sufficient off-street parking on a paved dust-free surface. Parking on grass, dirt, or gravel is not permitted.
  • Vehicle repair is not permitted in residential districts unless performed in an enclosed garage.
  • Boats and boat trailers, other trailers, and recreational vehicles and equipment are to be parked in the side yard or back yard.
  • All vehicles on residential property are to be “operable.” If any vehicle on residential property cannot be immediately and legally driven on public roads, for whatever reason, then it is classified as inoperable. In this case, such vehicle(s) must be removed from the premises, or stored in a completely enclosed building.
  • All construction on residential property is to be permitted through City Hall. Yard sales, garage sales, cutting of trees, adding or enlarging a driveway, and installation of TV dishes need to be permitted through City Hall.
  • Vehicles such as large vehicles, cabs, trailers, wreckers, trucks, tractor trailers, taxis, limousines or buses cannot be parked in any residential district.
  • Home occupations are allowed under certain conditions and must be permitted through City Hall.
  • No vehicles can be advertised and/or sold from any parking lot in the City. However, a home owner may place a “For Sale” sign on his/her personal vehicle parked in the driveway.
  • Vicious animals, noisy animals, or animals causing noxious odors are not permitted. All dogs must be confined, or on a leash. The practice of animal breeding is strictly prohibited.